Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tips for Organizing your Wardrobe

Ten Tips for Cleaning Out and Organising your Wardrobe and Keeping it Clutter Free

1.    Start at the Bottom - Dig out everything from the floor and find temporary storage for your shoes until you can buy a shoe organizer  which will keep them all in one place. If you don't have floor space, get a hanging shoe organizer instead of a box system.

2.   Spend 30 minutes a week going through your Wardrobe - Pitch everything you aren't wearing into one of two boxes: one box goes to lifeline and the other into a separate storage space. The goal is that the clothes you wear often should be in the wardrobe and the rest either in storage or to someone who will wear them - Don't worry you won't have to do it forever. Once it's tiny, go to once a month organizing.

3.   Put your "Fat clothes" or "Thin clothes" into separate wardrobes - Admit it, we all have fat and thin clothes - separate them. This is also good for morale. If you must have your fat clothes in sight to stay on track with a diet, pick out the best item and keep it around. 

4.    When you buy something new, throw out something old - Now that you've bought those new suede slippers, so you really need those funky ratty old cloth ones that belonged to your boyfriend before they came to live at your house? 

5.    Put the light on -  One reason people avoid dealing with their wardrobes is that they can't see inside them. Hang up a clip light or a battery operated stick light from the hardware store. When you can see what;s going on in there you'll be more likely to deal with it. 

6.    Where to hang what - Hang the thing you rarely wear towards the back and the ones you wear often near the front. 

7.   Hang all your pants together - All your blouses, jumpers etc to make it easy to find the pieces when you get dressed.

8.   I think I'll wear that tomorrow -  Are those jeans not really dirty but not totally clean ? We all do it. An item that was worn for only a short time and could worn again tomorrow ( Jeans are a classic example) Why do more laundry than we need to. Use a rack or chair to to keep your in between clothes off the floor.

9.     Match your hangers to your clothes - Pants should have pant hangers, skirts must have skirt hangers and if you're the kind who hangs lingerie get hangers that can hold skinny little straps. The right hangers will keep your clothes from slipping off and winding up on the floor. Any op shop is a great place to pick up hangers at bargain prices. 

10.   When you're shopping for clothes, try to buy things that will co ordinate - Try to match up as many of your current clothes as possible. This way you won't find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe with half an outfit on and nothing to match it.